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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a snowdome be refilled?
A. Depends...any dome with an accessible plug can be refilled with distilled water. A clean eyedropper or turkey baster will expedite the process. Sealed domes are much trickier - even a skilled dome restorer will sometimes break a dome in the process of attempting to open it. We say, enjoy your sealed dome just as it is!

Q. I wish to purchase a plastic snowdome for a small child; If she drops it, will it break?
A. All snowdomes and snowglobes, whether made of glass or plastic, are fragile and breakable, and contain small parts. As appealing as they are, snowdomes are decorations, not toys, and are not appropriate for small children.

Q. There seems to be marine life growing inside my snowglobe; can anything be done about it?
A. Even Jacques Cousteau would be mystified by some of the strange stuff we've encountered inside domes.. These marine lifeforms seem to occur more often in domes which are stored away (i.e.the holiday domes that are displayed once a year), or are kept on a dark shelf. That funky chunky stuff may also be reduced by placing the domes in a sunlit room, BUT - never place a snowdome in direct sunlight. The water/magnification/sunlight configuration can turn your curio shelf into a towering inferno! As mentioned above, snowdomes with plugs can be emptied of scummy water and refilled with clean distilled water.

Q. Can snowdomes be shipped during the winter months?
A. Many plastic snowdomes, and some glass ones, are filled with plain water, and are subject to freezing/expanding/cracking in cold temperatures. However, we have found that snowdomes will arrive in good condition by shipping domes via 2-day air during even the chilliest times. Costs extra, but absolutely worth it. It is very important that your faithful delivery person not leave your snowdome package outside, awaiting your arrival home. This is how the term "domesicle" was invented. You may want deliveries sent to your office instead, where everyone can admire your excellent taste in snowdomes. Some glass snowdomes are filled with an anti-freezing additive during manufacture, which helps reduce the freezing problem.

Q. What is the snow in a snowglobe made of?
A. The "snow" inside the dome is a closely guarded secret of the snowdome-makers. Early snowdomes contained snow made of ceramic bits, sand, sawdust, treated wax, even rice. Today's snow appears to be made up of either tiny plastic pieces or a ground up mineral substance - one collector tells us she has had great success in making her own snow by grinding vermiculite. (But you don't have to work that hard - see our Make your own snowdomes page for a fun and easy way to create your own special dome).

Q. I want to make my own snowdome. How do I start?
A. If you'd like to put a photo or flat artwork inside a snowdome, check out our easy-to-make Photodomes. You will simply trim your artwork to match the paper template provided, and slide your design into the watertight channel in the center of the dome. If you would rather create a 3-D scene inside a snow globe, check out our snow globe and snowdome kits, which come in a variety of sizes. You will provide the creativity, the glue, and small waterproof objects. You can find a variety of neat plastic objects in hobby shops and cake decorating stores. Our snow globe and snowdome kits are perfect for building the snowglobe of your dreams.

Q. What's the best way to clean plastic snowdomes? Is there a way to fix scratches and scuff marks?
A. Older plastic snowdomes can look pretty beaten up, especially if they've rolled around your grandma's junk drawer for a couple of decades. We've found that the Novus 1-2-3 Plastic Polish Kit a great way to spiff up scratched domes. Use the #3 polish to reduce the appearance of heavier scratches, the #2 polish to remove fine scratches and scuff marks, and the #1 polish for a beautiful and protective final shine. You can try spit, but we've found nothing works better than this Novus kit.

Q. How can I have snowdomes manufactured using my custom designs?
A. Factory required minimum runs are 1,000 pieces for plastic domes, and 500 pieces for glass globes. Click here for information on custom snowdome manufacture.

If you have a general question about snowdomes which is not answered here, please leave e-mail for Global Shakeup. We will attempt to answer your question and perhaps include it in this FAQs page.

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