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How to customize your Photo Snow Globe.

Photo Snow Globes are the quick and easy way to make your own amazing souvenirs, promotions, and gifts. You can place your own photos, drawings or other artwork into a real snowglobe. Available in dome shapes and globe shapes, in several sizes, our Photo Snow Globes are all based on the same basic design: A dry, waterproof space in the midst of a swirling, sparkling water-filled globe.

Follow these simple instructions to create your own personalized snow globe:

1) Open the photo slot. (Each style of Photo Snow Globe is slightly different, but each will have a door or a panel on the bottom that can be opened or pried off.) Remove the paper template and the foam or plastic spacer.

2) Chances are, you will need to adjust the size of your photo or artwork to fit the template. In this age of digital photography and high quality color printers, many people can use basic image manipulation software to resize and print out their image at home. Others may need to visit a local copy/print shop offering digital printing for assistance with this.

3) Align the template on top of your photo or artwork and draw an outline around the edge of the template. Use scissors, or an x-acto knife if you are so inclined, and carefully cut your image along that line. Note: most of our Photo Snow Globes are two-sided, viewable from front and back. So be prepared with a second photo or a duplicate photo (or perhaps a printed or hand-written message) to place on the back side.*

4) Slip your cut-out images into the photo slot, facing outward, and replace the foam or plastic spacer between them to hold the images flatly against the sides of the slot.

5) Replace the door or panel on the bottom of the Photo Snow Globe.

*Our Magnet Photo Snow Globes are visible only from the front - the back side is the magnet. On this item, you will press a tab on the bottom that releases the entire rear panel. Follow steps 2 & 3 above, then snap the rear panel firmly back into place.

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