Snowglobe Snow

Snowglobe Snow



Product Description

Genuine snow globe "snow" for all of your creative snow globe and snow dome crafts! Great for snow globe repair and restoration, too. Each packet contains approximately .3 oz (8 grams) of snow - our customers find this snow packet is a nice quantity of snow for one large glass snowglobe or two smaller plastic snowdomes, but you can use as much or as little as you like to create a beautiful snowy effect. The perfect snow for build your own snow globe projects, or snow globe restoration. Note: if you order 5 or more snow packets, we will combine them into one bulk package (same weight of snow as 5 or more, just in one convenient package.) Thanks to the vagaries of the Post Office, it costs the same to ship one packet as it does 10 (as of this writing). Consider ordering in quantity to save on shipping!